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After numerous fights with his parents (Maryse and Robert) over dating an older man, Alec and Magnus ran away from New York and eloped. They had a whirlwind honeymoon around the world then returned to the United States.

After the honeymoon, they road tripped across the country and stopped in Wayward Pines. Everyone was so nice to them, not seeming to notice the traits that Alec and Magnus were discriminated against in the past that the couple decided to settle down there to have a 'quiet life'.
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The following content is NC-17. If you are underage or offended by this type of content, please do not read the replies to this entry.
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Alec Lightwood
I am a demon hunter. Clearly, I am not afraid of the dark.

Code by Yuff
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Rune Reference

Because the books are vague about the placement of Alec's runes (or they are listed in different locations from book to book) I use the placement that's been seen in Shadowhunters as a guide for where Alec's runes are. The main differences between Book Alec and Shadowhunters Alec are the runes that are listed as not shown in Shadowhunters (see below) and Voyance on the back of his right hand.  The tracking rune used on Shadowhunters has never been described or used in the books.  A guide to what each rune looks like and its deception can be found here.  Runes with strikeout text are ones that the book version of Alec does not have.

Right Side
Deltoid: Equilibrium
Outer Tricep: Fortitude
Inside Tricep: Heightened Speed
Top Forearm: Soundless
Flank: Promise
Hand (Palm): Bridge (Tracking)  [May be present but it has not been listed in the books]
Hand (Back): Voyance

Left Side
Neck: Block/Deflect
Back Shoulder: Accuracy
Outer Tricep: Recall
Bicep:  Fearless (different than in the show)
Outer Forearm: Angelic Power
Inside Forearm: Heightened Speed
Abdominal: Agility
Flank: Iratze
Flank:  Parabatai
Back: Calm Anger

In the books, Alec has two runes that have not been shown in Shadowhunters as of 3/4/2017.

Fearless - On his left arm. This rune makes a Shadowhunter unafraid of his or her worst fears. When Alec used it, he attempted to come out to his parents, but was stopped by Magnus before he could tell them about being gay and he was dating Magnus. This rune was created by Clary in City of Ashes.

Alliance - On his hand. This rune is a temporary partnered in fighting rune. It allows a Shadowhunter to bond temporarily with a Downworlder. The beings share each other's abilities. The Shadowhunter will share the strengths of the Downworlder that he or she is bound to. The Downworlder will share the Nephilim's fighting abilities. Alec's partner was Magnus Bane. I headcanon that the placement was on his left hand. This rune was created by Clary in City of Glass.

In the books, the Iratze isn't shown as a permanent rune. It is normally partially drawn before battle, and then completed/activated when the Shadowhunter is injured.  If the first Iratze doesn't heal the wound, others are drawn.  Some wounds cannot be healed with this rune.  Alec has scars from one of these wounds on his chest from being clawed by a demon when saving Jace in City of Bones.
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Meme Threads

Alec on the Vampire Meme 8/20/16 (with Izzy[personal profile] withstyle  )
Alec on the texting Meme 8/21/16
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Test Drive

Thread with Harry Dresden - Suggested that they meet later and compare notes.  It turned out that Harry is one of Alec's neighbors.
Thread with Sebastian - Alec tries to help Sebastian with mixed results.  It turned out that Sebastian is one of Alec's neighbors.
Thread with Percy Jackson - Percy explains SATs to Alec.

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Out Of Character
Age: 38
Personal Journal: [personal profile] selinamoonfire
Contact: Plurk at starfleetgirlfriday

In Character
Alexander 'Alec' Gideon Lightwood
Canon: The Mortal Instruments (Book canon)
Canon Point: Post City of Heavenly Fire
Sex/Gender: Male
Actual Age/Apparent Age: 18

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Player Information
Name: Selina
Age: 40
Contact: selinamoonfire@ gmail dot com, plurk: starfleetgirlfriday
Characters already in Medietas: N/A
Reserve Link: Reserve link

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From here

When Simon's hand shifted to his back, Alec pulled him closer to that there was barely any space between them. Simon had told him that slow dancing meant being able to touch. "I'm glad the fireflies invited you."

Part of him wished that he was more like his siblings. That he wasn't so cautious. Then he'd take more risks, maybe let his hands move from Simon's hips to explore. "There's nowhere else I want to be, Simon."
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This wasn't the first time that they'd hung out together. There had been trips to the comic shop and the out of the way coffee place that Simon had introduced him to. Band practices where Maureen and Clary glared at him and hours spent in bookstores arguing over which fantasy novels were the best. It was perfectly normal. Or had been until Izzy asked him if he realized he as dating Simon and Alec freaked out. The freak out hadn't lasted long. Only a few minutes while his little sister waited through it, looking far too amused.

Then Alec realized there was no reason to freak out. He already knew he was gay. He knew the dangers of dating a guy and a Downworlder when their parents were so caught up in power plays. And he didn't care.

Simon made him happy. He let Alec be himself even when he wasn't sure what 'himself' was and he wasn't going to lose that because of Robert and Maryse.

He just wasn't sure if Simon would see their hanging out together as dates.

Which might be why Izzy shoved him into his best dress shirt and a pair of pants that were almost too tight. Then she'd ordered him to enjoy himself on their latest 'date' and forcing him to promise to do 'anything she would'.

Sighing, he shook his head as he entered the Hotel, wondering about his sanity. Why did he let Izzy talk him into things like this... and what Shadowhunter in his right mind would go into a vampire den so he could hang out with his new best friend? Obviously, they'd all lost their minds when the Mundanes had entered the Institute.
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