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[Normally, Alec wouldn't broadcast video to whoever had their phone on, but he needs to ask as many people as possible about the friend he picked up while patrolling the night before. It takes him a few seconds for the camera to focus properly. When it does, Alec can be seen holding a very large tabby patterned ball of fluff.]

Did anyone lose a cat? I found him last night curled up in an alley. He looked like he'd been outside for a few days and is eating like he hasn't been fed regularly.

[He can't quite hide the disapproval in his tone. If someone did this to the poor cat intentionally, Alec is not going to be pleased.]

If he's yours, I'll return him. If not, my family would like to keep him.


Jul. 4th, 2017 10:01 pm
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» Age: 18
» Seeking: Friendship
» Preferences: sexual preference or n/a
» Interests: Archery, Books, Music
» Bio: 30 words or less
base code by photosynthesis
Alec Lightwood-Bane
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Name: Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood
Character Series: The Mortal Instruments
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Race: Nephilim
Height: 6'2"


Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes, but please ask the other player involved so we can figure out tagging order
Fourthwalling: No
Offensive subjects: Dub-con/non con are subjects that are a 'no'.  Extreme violence, especially violence against children and animals a no.  Player will message if something not listed here is outside of her comfort zone.

Hugging this character: Alec is okay with hugging but it will be very awkward since he is, at times, very introverted and can seem distant.
Kissing this character/sexual relations:   Alec is happily married.  
Flirting with this character: Flirting is fine but Alec might not realize someone is flirting with him.  If he does, he will probably be grumpy or amused by it.
Fighting with this character: Fighting is okay but please discuss the details with the player.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Please discuss injuries beyond bruises and cuts beforehand.
Killing this character: No.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Alec's training and Nephilim training may make him resistant to these types of abilities when a person uses magic. For those who don't use magic or have the ability naturally, then Alec may be vulnerable.

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player information
name: Selina
age: 40
contact: [ profile] starfleetgirlfriday
other characters: N/A

character information
name: Alexander “Alec” Lightwood
canon: The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunter Chronicles
canon point: A few months after the epilogue in City of Heavenly Fire
age: 18

(canon) background: Alec's Wiki Entry
(original) world: N/A

The Pines CRAU

A few months after Alec moved in with Magnus Bane, he woke up in a hospital in Wayward Pines. He had no memory of how he got there or of the ‘accident’ that resulted in him needing medical care. He was told that he had amnesia and that his memories would return in a few weeks. The little he remembered involved his loved ones, being a Shadowhunter, and being romantically involved with someone named Magnus.

When he left the hospital, he ran into Magnus when they were both going to the Sheriff's station to get their things. They both had an accident at the same time and had similar memories of being romantically involved. Both remembered weddings and were wearing rings so they assumed that they were married. Neither one had the other’s name so this led them to believe that they were newlyweds.

Wayward Pines has rules against discussing the past so neither one of them realized they were from different worlds even after their real memories returned. Complicating the situation was a procedure that was performed on them that gave them false memories of the town. Alec’s false memories made him believe that after numerous fights with his parents over dating Magnus, the two of them eloped. They road tripped across America and stopped in Wayward Pines. Everyone was so nice to them that they decided to stay in town and live normal lives as ‘Mundanes’ (those who aren’t connected to the supernatural).

In town, Alec ran a record store and was a happy newlywed. Eventually his sister arrived in town. Because Izzy had amnesia and they could not discuss the past, they assumed that she left New York because of conflicts with their parents and Izzy wanting to be with her brother. They were starting to notice differences between their memories but never realized they were from different realities.

The three of them lived happily as Mundanes until monsters attacked the town. The three of them fought to protect the town until the monsters could be driven away or killed.

Right before he would arrive in Riverview Alec learned that he was pulled from another reality by some unknown force and ended up in town. A horrible mutagen contaminated the world of Wayward Pines and the town was part of an attempt to save humanity from that threat. Alec was told that if he returned to his own world, there was a risk that he could bring the mutagen with him. Alec assumes that he will never be able to return to his reality and has not realized that he was from a different world than either Izzy or Magnus.


Physiology. Alec is part human/part angel. This gives him enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, and coordination. These abilities are further improved through training and the use of angelic runes. The runes also protect him from demonic influences and possession.

The Sight. Shadowhunters are able to see what most people would think of as the supernatural. They can also see through magical illusions and glamours.

Angelic Artifacts and Runes. Shadowhunters so they are able to use items that have angelic power and also use angelic runes. Their weapons, witchlights, and steles can only be used by Nephilim or those with a connection to Angels. Runes are symbols that are burned into the skin that augment certain abilities in Shadowhunters. Permanent runes are black on the skin and never fade. Temporary runes last for a finite time and will fade once they have been ‘burned up’.

Fighting. Alec was trained almost from birth to fight demons. His training included hand-to-hand combat and the use of a variety of weapons. His greatest strength is the bow; he is one of the greatest archers among the Nephilim.

Parabatai. During his training, he became soul bound to his best friend, Jace. This bond improves a Shadowhunter’s fighting ability and any runes drawn by parabatai are stronger than those drawn by other Shadowhunters. They are synchronized in battle, fighting as two halves of a whole. At times, they can feel each other’s emotions and draw strength from each other.


Level-headed. Alec is the voice of reason to a group of warriors who rush heedlessly into danger. He attempts to calm others before they act so that they don’t get hurt. Even when he’s stressed and afraid of losing the people he loves he tries to think clearly, almost seeming cold to those around him.

Observant. He thinks through problems, considering details and suggesting solutions that are based on his observations.

Caring. Love has motivated Alec throughout most of his life. He is the type of person who rarely does things for himself, focusing instead on the people who are important to him. He loves deeply, wanting what is best for those around him and to protect others from the evils of the world.

Loyal. When someone earns his trust, Alec extremely loyal to them. He follows his siblings into battle without hesitation other than questioning their impulsive tactics. He will do almost anything for the people he loves, including literally going to hell to rescue the people he cares about.

Morally Courageous Once Alec decides on a course of action that is morally or emotionally right, he will follow through no matter the consequences. He repeatedly ignored orders that were based on misinformation and fear so that he could save lives and attempt to prevent the wars Valentine and Sebastian were instigating. He defies the antiquated conventions of his society to be happy with the person he loves, accepting that he will be ostracized and lose the respect of many of the Shadowhunters.


Self-Doubt. One of Alec’s main weaknesses is seeing himself as ‘trivial’ or believing that he doesn’t matter to others. After spending a lifetime of being ignored by his parents and seen as inferior, he is prone to bouts of low self-esteem. He fears that the people he loves both platonically and romantically will become bored with him and will eventually desert him in favor of someone more interesting.

Introverted. Alec is someone who does not always have the necessary social skills. For years he lived in isolation with his siblings and tried not to draw attention to himself so no one would learn that he was gay. This makes him socially awkward at times. He can be tactless and blunt but does not use those traits to harm others. Many times he doesn’t realize his words can be taken as hurtful.

Prejudice. The Lightwood children were raised in isolation and taught that Nephilim were better than other beings. Although Alec doesn’t hate Downworlders or Mundanes, he can be elitist. He can view himself as better than others, but he is learning to see past the ingrained superiority of his culture. It is obvious at times that he struggles to be more open-minded, but he is trying to become a better person.

job skills (optional):
• Alec has skills as a soldier but his experience with weapons does not include firearms, but he learns quickly.
• He’s trained others in self-defense.
• As part of his CRAU he ran a record store in the town of Wayward Pines.

housing (optional): If his family is there, shared with them. If not, no preference.

network username: arcarius

network sample:

here and here

prose/action sample:

here and here

Note: Since Alec has CRAU, all samples are from that CRAU. If other samples are needed, please let me know.
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After numerous fights with his parents (Maryse and Robert) over dating an older man, Alec and Magnus ran away from New York and eloped. They had a whirlwind honeymoon around the world then returned to the United States.

After the honeymoon, they road tripped across the country and stopped in Wayward Pines. Everyone was so nice to them, not seeming to notice the traits that Alec and Magnus were discriminated against in the past that the couple decided to settle down there to have a 'quiet life'.
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The following content is NC-17. If you are underage or offended by this type of content, please do not read the replies to this entry.
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Alec Lightwood
I am a demon hunter. Clearly, I am not afraid of the dark.

Code by Yuff
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Rune Reference

Because the books are vague about the placement of Alec's runes (or they are listed in different locations from book to book) I use the placement that's been seen in Shadowhunters as a guide for where Alec's runes are. The main differences between Book Alec and Shadowhunters Alec are the runes that are listed as not shown in Shadowhunters (see below) and Voyance on the back of his right hand.  The tracking rune used on Shadowhunters has never been described or used in the books.  A guide to what each rune looks like and its deception can be found here.  Runes with strikeout text are ones that the book version of Alec does not have.

Right Side
Deltoid: Equilibrium
Outer Tricep: Fortitude
Inside Tricep: Heightened Speed
Top Forearm: Soundless
Flank: Promise
Hand (Palm): Bridge (Tracking)  [May be present but it has not been listed in the books]
Hand (Back): Voyance

Left Side
Neck: Block/Deflect
Back Shoulder: Accuracy
Outer Tricep: Recall
Bicep:  Fearless (different than in the show)
Outer Forearm: Angelic Power
Inside Forearm: Heightened Speed
Abdominal: Agility
Flank: Iratze
Flank:  Parabatai
Back: Calm Anger

In the books, Alec has two runes that have not been shown in Shadowhunters as of 3/4/2017.

Fearless - On his left arm. This rune makes a Shadowhunter unafraid of his or her worst fears. When Alec used it, he attempted to come out to his parents, but was stopped by Magnus before he could tell them about being gay and he was dating Magnus. This rune was created by Clary in City of Ashes.

Alliance - On his hand. This rune is a temporary partnered in fighting rune. It allows a Shadowhunter to bond temporarily with a Downworlder. The beings share each other's abilities. The Shadowhunter will share the strengths of the Downworlder that he or she is bound to. The Downworlder will share the Nephilim's fighting abilities. Alec's partner was Magnus Bane. I headcanon that the placement was on his left hand. This rune was created by Clary in City of Glass.

In the books, the Iratze isn't shown as a permanent rune. It is normally partially drawn before battle, and then completed/activated when the Shadowhunter is injured.  If the first Iratze doesn't heal the wound, others are drawn.  Some wounds cannot be healed with this rune.  Alec has scars from one of these wounds on his chest from being clawed by a demon when saving Jace in City of Bones.
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